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“Rob is a talented and skilled healer. He joined the LifeSpark community as a Reiki provider in 2016, and has provided weekly sessions to numerous individuals with cancer for most of this time. His dedication and compassion are invaluable, and we are so grateful for his ongoing commitment to those that we serve.” 

Sandy Priester, Executive Director, LifeSpark Cancer Resources

"Rob is a master healer, and has helped me tremendously with his Reiki talents. I go to him when I have body aches and also for my anxiety. He understands there is usually a connection between the mind and the body, and can help me with both. He listens carefully to what you need to convey, and you can feel his compassion. His reiki energy is powerful. I feel so smoothed out, relaxed, and more optimistic following a session with him. I highly recommend him for whatever ails you! You will not be disappointed! "

Ingrid Bloom

Licensed Acupuncturist and Owner

Lakeside Acupuncture & Healing Arts

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